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This page will be set up so that messages can be posted to other alumni and hopefully generate a sense of community.


Hark the sound of martial feet, breaks upon the air today;

Sons and daughters of Old Garfield, march along to win the fray;

Heart and hand and voice united, as they gaily swing along.


And the answering heavens echo, to their battle song!

Fight for Garfield, Win for Garfield, raise her colors old;

Onward pressing – ever onward for the Blue and Gold.


With a voice of mighty thunder, mounting to the sky;

Hail to thee our Alma Mater, hail old Garfield High.



Bulldogs! Bulldogs!

Bow-Wow-Wow! GHS


Bulldogs! Bulldogs!


Our team is always best


When the boys from Garfield

Break thru the line,

They always find success

Bulldogs! Bulldogs!

Bow-Wow-Wow! GHS.