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Home Room

Photo courtesy of Jim Butvin - Head Custodian GHHS

Garfield Heights High School
4900 Turney Road
Garfield Heights, 25 Ohio

The old high school was built in 1927 before the depression. The auditorium was added in 1939 near the end of the depression. The new addition was completed in 1956 and housed the administration. It seems that everyone remembers the library, the boys' gymnasium, the girls" gymnasium, the auditorium and its balcony, the wrestling room under the stage, home economics, industrial arts, the little theater, art class, the principal's office, the band room, the track and football fields in back, and the long hallways in that building. That old building housed a lot of tradition and memories of when life was all first impressions.

We were the last high school class to graduate from the "old bastille." The world was different in 1962. We were different too. Garfield Heights was a fairly new suburb. You could walk safely down the length of Turney or Granger and your parents would not worry. We only had four channels on the TV but the network programs were better. To almost all of us, television was black and white. John Kennedy was President and Vietnam was a place that no one had heard of. John Glenn had just orbited the earth in February and we were going to the moon in this decade. Every year we looked forward to the latest styling and big engines on the cars from Detroit. Fins were in and helped to create a feeling of optimism that the future would be better than the present. Almost everyone still had their parents and it seemed they all had jobs. And the music, and the was fun music.

We also remember our teachers who somehow managed to put up with and educate all 351 of us. A list of their names can be found at the end of "The Way We Were." Most of them have to be gone now. We went on to other things and did not look back for a long time. Now it would be nice to talk to them as adults and share experiences with them. Just like our parents, they got a lot smarter as we grew older.

We have some bricks from the old High School available if you want one. Most of the bricks are from the gymnasium area. Just e-mail the webmaster by clicking on the button to the left and provide your shipping address. We will UPS a brick to you free of charge. We also have two DVD video sets of walk throughs of the old High School in 2002 and 2004. Sadly there are also videos of the demolition on the second DVD. Again, just e-mail the webmaster and we will send out a set of DVD's free of charge.

We will be adding a lot of photos and features as time goes on. So make sure that you refresh each page when you revisit this website so that you are looking at the website and not a cache page in your computer. Please let the webmaster know if you have any ideas to make this website more enjoyable for you.

Photos from the 2012 50th Anniversary Reunion have been added to this website. Go to the "Past Reunions" page from the marquis on the left of this page. Please let the webmaster know if you see any misspellings or any other goofs. (No, not in the photos!) Again special thanks to Mel and Sandi Brazie for making the 50th Anniversary Reunion such a great success. It would not have happened without them.

Finding fellow classmates is our greatest challenge. We are working on updating our list of classmates and you can see that list at the "Classmate Contact Information" page which is accessible from the marquis on the left of this page. You will need the User I.D. and password from the webmaster. In this age of cell phones and fewer land lines, finding fellow classmates is becoming more difficult. We need your help in finding fellow classmates phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and home addresses. So take a look at what we have so far and e-mail any additions or corrections to the webmaster. To e-mail the webmaster simply click on the "Contact Webmaster" button on the marquis to the left of this webpage.